What is narrative?

Our lives are stories.  What are our lives but people (characters), places (settings), and events (plots)?   Our personal narratives include the stories we make while awake and dreaming.  Without thinking, we weave in the stories from others in our lives.

For awhile, “story” had a bad reputation.  Stories were make-believe, not real, so they didn’t count.  People would discredit the narrative by saying, “It’s just a story.” Don’t make up stories.  He’s telling you a story.   The good stories were the “true stories.” 

True stories?  Now we are starting to understand.  Yes, it is all story.

Explore with me the narratives of our world.  Let us share our stories so we can understand ourselves and others better.  And, with each story, feel a little better, too.  A little more connected, more understood, a little more whole.


About B. E. Berger

Making life better by sharing stories and pictures.
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One Response to What is narrative?

  1. tannerblue says:

    Stalker is absolutely brilliant!!! I love how the focus is on the stalker in the first few scenes and I’m anticipating a shift to learning more about the narrator. I also love how at this point, the narrator refuses to give up on the stalker. I hope nobody gets hurt in ways that can’t somehow be undone.

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