Dream, September 5, 2009 

On a train.  Walking back and forth through the cars looking for someone to tell me which way to go.  Wanted to find something . . . a place where tickets were sold?  No, something. It was near the end of a bridge, but which way?  Asked different people, but no one could help.

Dreams, December 6, 2009 

Saw friend Marcia in person, for the first time in decades..  At the doorstep, she is placing on my face a billowing skirt.  I ask, is it to hide the years?

I am walking in the street, almost getting hit by cars as I try to cross.  Trying to cross wide, muddy NYC streets.  Wish I had remembered the construction going on and worn more appropriate footwear.

Following narrow, arduous paths with older people.  I try to get them to let me carry some of their packages, but they put off giving them to me.  Finally one lets me help her carry the packages.  They are not heavy for me.  I’m going down steep stairs, almost like ladders.  I manage okay, but they have to show me how to do it.  They give me directions as I drive narrow roads; I have trouble seeing the path; it’s hidden and I don’t really remember it very well from before.  Then I’m trying to keep up the bamboo blinds on the wide window, trying to keep them  up on their own during Shabbos when I don’t want to be raising them.  A couple of people show me how to add a rope to tie it to the path we were just using a rope to climb; that way we won’t be working on Shabbos.  But it’s already Shabbos so I’m breaking Shabbos to tie it.  They say I was the religious one and here I’m the one doing this breaking of the Sabbath.  I don’t really care that much, just want the blind up safely.  Very long rope, maybe too long.

Twin boys.  My family had one set of twins, but only one.  Perhaps I would have given birth to twins, if I had ever had children.  Mommy said I would have kept them because I love twins.  I said she is right.  The twins are very active, but now one asks for a baby bath.  I’ve seen how to do it – Pearl demonstrated – but I’m not sure I know how.  I’m looking for baby cleansers and powders.  Twins are Julian and another J name.

I’m in a movie but all the actors are much older and ugly.  One gets right in my face and her nose changes into a  carrot and other things.  I become concerned that the drainage tubes at the inner corners of my eyes are bigger than other people’s;  they hang down a lot.    I want to look at other people’s eyes to see what theirs are like, but it seems too much to look these people in the eye to see.

Dreams, December 13, 2009

At a concert; people I was with wanted to change our seats because we were sitting far back.  I was sitting next to Bob Dylan, who had found the perfect gun to carry so that people would know he was tough and wouldn’t mess with him.  When my friends changed their seats, I left mine to go with them, but then I  couldn’t find them again.  Finally found seat in front row.  The concert kept getting delayed.  Waiting; one singer would get up and start but then be interrupted.   I had purse on the floor.  Also a little box I must not lose.  I lost the box going through the rooms of the old house, but Charles found it for me.  Next, going through the rooms of the old house, I lost my purse somehow.  How could I be so careless?

I was wheeling a blind child in a hospital bed into a classroom.  Then the child turned into a blind old woman.  She could not support her head; her neck had been broken.  I got her into her room and put her head back in place when it flopped forward out of control.  She said she knew I loved her from the way I took care of her.  I was happy when she got a pillow for her head.

I had lost my purse, but she told me to look in the drawer and I found it. Relieved and grateful.

Link to more dreams:  Ongoing Dream Journal


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