Stalker, Scene 11, West Side Story

A flurry of phone calls last week from Stalker.  I have not answered in months, nor acknowledged the candy and stuffed animals.  But I might listen to some voice mails.

“Coming up!  The Bronx HS of Science annual musical performance!  You made me miss it last year.   It would have been a glorious night.  But instead, you humiliated me.  Had the police take me out of my home, shoeless and in handcuffs.  In front of all my neighbors.  Did you really think I was going to kill myself?  Over you?  You locked me up in the loony bin.  You did it, with my two sisters.  The three witches.  You turned your backs on me and walked out together.  I wanted to scream, “Stop!  Don’t leave me here!”  But I knew if I did that, that would keep me even longer.”

Later —

“Show up on the steps of our high school on Thursday night, 6:00 pm, and all will be forgiven.  I know you have frequent flier miles.  Get yourself on a plane and be there.  If you don’t feel safe enough to stay with me, fine.  You can stay with one of my sisters.  They like you better than they like me.  They will be happy to have you.”

Then —

“I told them five years ago to do West Side Story.  No, no.  Too hard for high school students.  We don’t have that kind of talent here.  Well, they have listened to me after all.  They will do our songs.  Remember?  Tonight, tonight.  Be there, 6:00 pm, and walk in arm-and-arm with me.”

Friday morning, 3:00 am Portland, Oregon time.

“You bitch.  You never loved me, did you?  You have five minutes to call me back.  Or I will slip a knife into your brother-in-law’s side.  He will squeal like a pig.  Or, maybe something else.  Maybe I should kill you, instead.”

Friday morning, 4:00 am, Portland, Oregon time.

“The time to call me back was six months ago, when you chose your Jew family over me.  When you let yourself get snowed in with them, instead of with me.  You have five minutes to call me back, or this is definitely over.  Over.  Except for the settlement.  Yes, I will extract a settlement.  Call it a divorce settlement.  Wait and see.  I have nothing to lose anymore, do I?

. . . to be continued

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2 Responses to Stalker, Scene 11, West Side Story

  1. whirlywood says:

    You could be describing my ex! My ex had some other issues as well, breaking into my home, stealing my online passwords, theft of other kinds, and very vindictive behavior in general to me and others, and I used to give a lot of thought about his particular disorder. I am convinced that he exhibited many traits of the darker side of a Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Any thoughts on that in relation to Stalker?

    • B. E. Berger says:

      I feel for you! And some others following this story relate to it only too well, also. As far as your question — Have you heard of “malignant narcissism”? Check out “Otto Kernberg malignant narcissism.” Here’s a Google Search result — Thank you for your comment and look forward to hearing more from you, Whirlywood.

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