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Dreams, August 11, 2011
Who invited the lion? Beautiful golden tan coat, big mane.A group of us are walking, and I tell them the lion following us is dangerous, but they say, no, he is fine. The lion lunges at us, starts to attack. I have trouble shaking him. I lead everyone to a secret closet. Six of us run for it, cram in. The last one slams the door in the lion’s face. We are all terrified.

Later, we are out and the lion is among us again. He likes me especially. He is behaving himself for now, so I stop complaining. But I’m still wary.

 * * *

I undergo nipple enlargement surgery. I thought it was breast enlargement, but seems I misunderstood. I’m told to go back to the hospital tonight for a check-up, and then again later tonight or tomorrow, Sunday morning. I’m trying to get a ride back to the hospital, but people are busy. Finally I get a ride, but it is 1:30 a.m. I will not be able to make the second visit tonight, before dawn.  I’ll have to go back during the Sunday daytime.   I don’t believe it is really 1:30 a.m; the time has gone so fast. I review the timetable with my new roommate, E.; I realize it is accurate.

Earlier in the evening I converted linen closets to combination freezers and laundry sorters. I explain to one person looking for the laundry basket what goes on each shelf. About five people’s laundry gets sorted on the shelves. The very top compartment is the freezer for food. I need to find a bathroom. I think there aren’t any, so I take a big yellow towel in case I need to use that. One of the men pisses in the gutter, but I look for a bathroom. Eventually I find it.

 *  *  *

I was going to go through the induction ceremony for the NSA Buddhists, but I decide not to do it. I also tell them they have to find someone else to give a certain person a ride Saturday night — I don’t want to drive from opposite ends of town to do it. I’m standing up to them at last. They try to make me feel guilty for backing out but I hold my ground. They say two people especially were looking forward to standing up with me at my induction. Since they won’t tell me who they are, I ask them to give the two people the message that I cancelled. I guess it is G. and L. I’m right about L. I explain to her and a few others that I find them too pushy and asking too much of me. They want too much of my time — they have given me a list of places and activities for me to attend. Detailed conversation about it ensues. I tell them I’m 26,000 words into the novel I’m writing and that is my priority now — nothing else can compete with my time. L. is surprisingly supportive.


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