Stalker, Scene 40, Beyond the Grave

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Today, 2011

What have I learned from Stalker?

The memory banks of our brains operate in a FILO world.  First in, last out.  First memories in are the last ones out.  We can’t remember this morning, but we remember 50 years ago clearly.  Last in, first out.

Even after decades of vodka, crack and heroin, Stalker’s brain enshrined its first pristine data entries, intact.  He could retrieve them, easily.

He quoted from memory:  Shakespeare, the Bible (especially “Old Testament”) and the Odyssey.  He knew seemingly endless movies scripts by heart; every lyric and melody he had heard as a child, as a teenager.  He quoted Rod Serling freely.

Only once he quoted George Eliot:

Not only to be loved
But to be told that I am loved
The realm of Silence
Is large enough
Beyond the Grave

I took it to heart.  As did he.  The “love” word was the water we swam in by night, the air we breathed by day.

When he dies, this quote will haunt me.  Above all others he shared.

What did I learn from Stalker?  The realm of Silence is large enough Beyond the Grave.

I learned:  the realm is larger than I thought.

. . . to be continued

© Barbara E. Berger, 2011, all rights reserved. “Stalker” is a work of fiction.


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One Response to Stalker, Scene 40, Beyond the Grave

  1. Eye Floaters says:

    The Greek Gods probably are better defined than the Gods of our time. When you really think about it, it just seems more likely. You have a God that controls each part of the earth compared to just one that oversees them all. What’s really funny is every thousand years or so they make up with another religion. Go figure.

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