Dream Journal Updated

Two caps have come off my teeth.  I hold pieces of them in my hand, little parts. I don’t understand the pieces.

“Come back and the dentist will put the caps back on, no problem,” says the woman.

“Look at these pieces, they don’t make sense.  They came off the teeth.”

She says it’s fine.  They are the corners where the caps met up with original teeth.  Suddenly the little pieces line up and I see the patterns.  They make sense after all; little triangles for the corner connections and the flat bars for side connections.

As I’m about to leave, she accidentally notices my thumb has a problem.  She is sorry she didn’t check it earlier, as she was supposed to do, but at least they discovered the problem before I left.  The thumb is loose, and it lights up.  They can fix it.

*  *  *

I’m moved; turns out that someone was filming the dialogue off stage between F. and me.  When they were filming the action on the stage, they saw me in the wings.  They turned the camera to me and captured F. coming up the stairs behind me.  They filmed him getting on his knee and beseeching me to forgive him.  A moving scene; I’m so happy they preserved it on film.  I see him face clearly.  He is wearing his glasses.  Someone says it is a shame he was not in the production proper; he was such a good and experienced actor, they recall.

But F. has angered many people.  They want him gone.   People are telling me how upset they are.  I offer a woman a hug.  She says how healing it is.  Is that why you did it, she wants to know. “Of course,” I say.  “I hug to make you feel better.”

They want him gone but I still want him with me.  But, he is going to leave because of how they treat him.  He was to spend the weekend, but I see him getting into his car to leave.  I get him to come back for a little bit.  Everyone thought he was dead; I thought he was dead.  But he has come back, at least for a few days. 

I see that my father is in the next room.  I draw the window shade between the two rooms.  I don’t want him to see F. and me.  But F. is now leaving.  He has new endeavors, new projects, new followers.

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