Dream Journal Update, November 14

Dream, November 14, 2011

The toilet is disconnected.  My toilet is sitting inches away from the wall connection.  What happened?  The men came to the apartment when I was gone, to repair the toilet.  They thought it was fixed, but discovered they needed another part.  One went to get the part; he should have been back by now.  Waiting, waiting.

Maybe it will be hours before he returns.  Maybe I will be without a toilet all night.  What to do then?  Bother my neighbors?  But I often get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.  Stay in a hotel room? Expensive.

I need to pee.  Ooops. I forgot!  I used the toilet.  So no water to replace the water in the bowl.  Oh, no.  The problem is greater.  The toilet wasn’t positioned over the hole in the floor.  My pee is seeping out from under the toilet base, all over the floor.  It’s worse than that.  Some did go down and now my papers and belongings stored in the space under the floor are a mess.  Cleaning it up.  Tough to get it all.  Must clean it up.

*  *  *

Driving for my hour-long full-body massage.  Am I going in the right direction?  Driving, driving.  No, must have been the other way.  Driving, driving.  It’s 4:15 now.  Already 15 minutes late to my hour-long massage.  She won’t discount me for missed time.  Driving. Oh, there is the turn.  I go into the building.  No, I must have gone too far.  Go out.  Come back.  So hard to find this.  I’m so stressed, I really need the massage now.

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2 Responses to Dream Journal Update, November 14

  1. Larry says:

    Frustration dreams! It’s like mundane worries coming to life and frolicking in your mind. I’ve had dreams in which I couldn’t find something which has an unexplained importance. This sort of dream can morph into a Quest Dream.

    The toilet scenario was amusing from afar, at least!

    • B. E. Berger says:

      Quest dream? Would love to hear more about your dreams, Larry.
      I have long-standing recurring toilet dreams. This was first in a while though, for me. Read that the object relation psychologists relate it to getting rid of the bad internal objects.

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