Dream Journal Update, November 20, 2011

Through me, they find out that the president of the company will be gone; he is not being considered for reappointment.  In effect, he is being fired.  But it was supposed to be a secret.  Somehow, through my answering regular questions, they figured it out from me.

I’m taken to another meeting, where the president himself is asking me for information.  I say nothing beyond what I am authorized to say:  he must wait and see.  “I know nothing.”  The group pressures me; I resist saying anything more.  He and his group begin to make decisions, take actions, which I realize will result in his firing.  He was not going to be fired for sure, but his reactions — to his believing he will be — ensure that the firing occurs.  Is it my fault?  If not for me, he would not have thought he was being fired, and put so much in motion.

As I am checking the envelope in the desk for messages to the president, I see one which talks about a potential candidate dying.  The letter says that I am the one who told everyone that the president was being fired.  Did I do that?  I don’t think so, but I can’t be sure.  I am going to be in trouble when they see this letter.  I put it back in the envelope.

People are trying to get more information from me.  I am silent.  But one courts me effectively.  He and his team want to put me on a new assignment.  They say I need a much nicer office to work in, to do the assignment.  I am starting to believe them.


About B. E. Berger

Making life better by sharing stories and pictures.
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