Dream Journal Update, January 29

My friends are going back into the room with me, to check on the bug spray.  Is the can letting out the cloud of mist to kill the ants, yet?  No, I don’t see a cloud.  Oh, wait.  The can is emitting out a small stream of steam.  That must be it.  But my friends are right near it; they will get hurt.  “Leave,” I tell them.  Leave!  But, they dawdle.  They don’t see the danger.  Now they are noticing.  Is it too late?

The steam has let out, and it is working.  Bugs are coming out from their hiding places.  Not dead, still crawling.  The huge ants are disgusting.  I hope the bowls and dishes for the other pets, for the fish and other pets, are not contaminated by the spray.  What a mess.


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