Dream Journal Update, February 3

Dream, February 3, 2012
As I wait for my sister to visit me in my prison cell, I develop a plan.  How easy it would be for her to help me escape, if she is willing.  But would she break the law? 

She comes in and I ask, "What would you do to see me out of prison?" 


"Then here is the plan.  You go out and get shopping bags, filled with groceries.  Then we leave with them.  See I have on regular clothing.  No one will notice as I walk out of the store that I'm a prisoner.  They will think I'm just a regular shopper.  Don't I look like a regular person, dressed like this?"

"Yes, you do."

"I have an even better idea," I say.  "You take the bags of groceries out first.  I won't leave right with you; that will bring attention.  You take out the groceries, and they will be looking at you.  I will follow a little bit later, and no one will pay me attention.  They will be looking at you."

My sister brings back the bags of groceries, and puts them by the door.  Meanwhile, we sit at the table and order breakfast.  "Let's be very nice to the waitress," I say.  "So she will only remember wonderful things about us when they question her later."

By chance I look out and see the orange moon begin to rise above the horizon. I'm in awe of its beauty. It rises so quickly, by the time I comment, it is far above the horizon. "I just caught a moonrise! No, no, it's too late to see it, the moon is high in the sky now.  So wonderful."

I tell my sister there is a catch to my escape plan.  "Later, they will hunt me down, and bring me back to prison."

"You could write a book about what it is like here," she says. 

"Yes, several prisoners are doing just that."

"I saw them when I came in."

"You know," I say, "they will just bring me back here.  There really is no escape.  Maybe I should not try to leave.  It could only make it worse.  But just knowing you would help me escape, knowing I could get out if only for a little while, makes it all bearable."

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3 Responses to Dream Journal Update, February 3

  1. Larry says:

    Another intriguing dream’, B.E.. The prison could be seen as a metaphor for any of several constraining life situations. I enjoyed seeing your mind’s logical and rational side attempt to make sense the illogic of the dream. Your sister’s role was also interesting; I imagine she has acted similarly with you in real life.

    • B. E. Berger says:

      Yes, “prison” is a rich metaphor. BTW The seed of the dream, in waking life, was hearing that a former co-worker was being released from federal prison after serving a year for identity theft.

  2. Thanks for the blog follow. I’m sailing in the Bahamas and don’t always get a good internet connection. At least not good enough to check out blogs.
    But today is a good connection day and I get to catch up on the blogs I’ve missed.
    I look forward to reading yours.

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