Dream Journal Update — Nigeria

Dreams June 4, 2012
Going through the school is like going through a maze, but we finally get down the steps and go out to a broad patio on the school campus.  More steps going down; we are going to the cafeteria.  Then I stop and turn around.  I look back at the school, sitting beyond the wide flat steps.  It is gorgeous.  A beautiful low building, elegant.  What a treat it would be to go to this school.  In fact, everything is beautiful.  Tall, white barked trees have cascades of glistening leaves.  I can see each leaf in miraculous detail. I’m in awe.

“It’s the light.  It’s the Nigerian light that makes it so special,” someone explains.

Indeed.  I think of when I replaced my old incandescent light bulbs with ones that mimic natural light.  How the world became brighter, clearer.  Vivid.  That is what the Nigerian light does — the world pops out at you in vivid detail with glorious colors.  I wish to live with Nigerian light.  Always.

(Note — A couple of hours after I woke in the morning, I heard that a Nigerian plane crashed yesterday, killing all aboard and many on the ground.  Did I hear that on the news last night?  No, I don’t remember hearing about it.  I don’t remember seeing any news last night. I don’t remember hearing about Nigeria. Maybe . . .?)

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2 Responses to Dream Journal Update — Nigeria

  1. Write N. Bike says:

    I love the delicious descriptions, the vivid imagery. Your connection with Nigeria borders on ESP. Amazing!

  2. School dreams are common. But the Nigerian plane crash was yesterday. 😦 American pilot. All aboard died last I heard. I don’t know about the ground casualties. I have a Nigerian contact I hope to find out from.

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