Dream Journal Update — Getting it Right at the Mall

August 26, 2012
After going through street after street and through the mall, finally I find the movie theater.  Yes, this is the one; I compare the outside with the photo I have, and match it up piece by piece.  But, the movie I wanted is not on the marquee.  Instead, I see two other movies listed; one of them is called “Yesterday.”  I ask the cashier about the movies; maybe I just had the name wrong of the one I wanted to see.  She reads the starring actors from a scrap of paper and no, neither movie is what I want.  I think a bit, the “Yesterday” movie is a possibility.  Then I decide not to spend the time in a movie I’m not really interested in.

As I leave the mall, I see a store called “Romania.”  Maybe something in there will resonate; my Hungarian ancestors lived in a town on the border with Romania.  Inside, I see the store is in a giant warehouse.  Displays are hung up to the ceiling, probably 50 feet up.  Embroidered garments hang face out.  I view exquisite tablecloths and other fabrics on display – no, those are garments, too, for huge people.  Past the clothes, I see other merchandise suspended on sheets that look like water.  Beautiful.  No, I tell the clerks, I’m just looking.  I don’t see anything to buy; the merchandise is a bit tacky when I look at it closely.

Now a woman is shopping for tools.  I help her.  On the left of the display table are the lower quality; on the right the better tools.  All are yellow. I help her select a screwdriver; she wants a good one.  I show her the difference in quality.  Now she wants another screwdriver; no she really wants pliers.  I look but I don’t see any.  “Sorry, we don’t have pliers.”  But what is this tool?  Oh, the head of the tool is missing.  No, there it is, see how well it fits in?  We don’t have many tools left.

Now a woman is upset because someone told her that she had bought an attachment, for her yellow forklift, that is not standard.  “I should have had the Number 40 attachment.  I have the plus one.  I paid extra for something I don’t need,” she says.   I don’t know how that happened, but I assure her that the owner will fix it for her.  I explain to her that maybe the clerk who told her that didn’t know what he was talking about; I don’t know if the store even carries the other attachment, or if it exists.  I recommend she check the forklift manufacturer website first, to make sure the attachment exists.  “The store could always order it for you if it exists.”  I hope I am right speaking for the store.  But surely they will want to make it right for her.


About B. E. Berger

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