Dream Journal Update — Problem Solving

August 30, 2012
When I woke, the bed was vibrating. The room was vibrating, a gentle hum. Oh, I’m still in the airplane; I’m on an overnight flight. What fun!  But when will I have to get my things together and get off the plane, catch the next one? Do I have a few minutes, or hours? I must print off my itinerary because I have no idea. Where is the computer? Oh, there, buried under a pile of papers. The printer?  The paper? This is taking too long. Tom Basey comes to the bedroom door. Surely he will know?  No, he wants to talk about something else. He is holding a stack of my business cards. How can I help him quickly without getting him upset with my being short and rude?

“I want to talk to you but I am anxious about finding out my next flight.” He says no problem, he will just take a minute.  But it is longer than a minute.

* * *

I wish she hadn’t taking me shopping in the good store, first.  What beautiful sweaters I saw.  Now I look at the ones where I usually shop, the ones I can afford, and these sweaters seem so flimsy and cheap.

*  *  *

Lying on my bed, on top of the covers, watching television, I’m content.  Then Daddy lies down on the other side of the bed.  I wish he hadn’t done that. “Your shoes are on the cover. Please don’t lie here with your shoes on,” I say. He says the shoes are clean. He wants the television louder. I wish he hadn’t come to the bed. I was happier before. Now I feel crowded in, and worried that he wants to change the channel, too.

*  *  *

Mommy wants to buy another television, a four-inch one.  What use would that be?  So little, and we already have several TVs. “I want it just so we can get that extra plug wired into the floor in the other room.” Oh, if that is why she wants it, we can do something better than get another little television.

“See, we have this extra one right in here you could move to the other room.”

Oh, that’s really a radio.

“No problem, it will work for this purpose just as well.  See, aren’t we glad we talked about this? The problem wasn’t enough televisions, it was just how to manage them.”

I wish she would acknowledge that, but she doesn’t.  Well, doesn’t matter.  I solved the problem, and I know I was helpful, even if no one else remembers the conversation.

About B. E. Berger

Making life better by sharing stories and pictures.
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