Dream Journal Update — Sweets

October 25, 2012
Though hard to leave T. and the two women, I crawl out of the bed and make my way to the bus. I want to go home for just a little bit, then I’ll be back. As the bus winds up to the top of the hill, I get a good look at the landscape at this time of year. Why didn’t I notice it ever before? Too busy? Didn’t get out? Didn’t take the time to take a good look? How much I missed: the tall fir trees topped with lavender buds; flowers popping on bushes. And what are those? Blue blossoms are glowing. The most beautiful blue I have ever seen; I don’t even know the name of the color – I don’t think I ever saw such a gorgeous color before: low-lying bushes, with shiny blue flowers. The most lovely in the world. They take my breath away. I am enthralled by the colors, the sight of the hills. So sweet.

At the top of the hill, I enter the store and ask for the Halloween decorations. “The only ones left are in the back here.”

“I know it’s late, but I’ll get some for next year,” I explain. But, I’m later than I thought; really nothing is left. I leave the store quickly, wanting to get back to T’s.  Nighttime has fallen. Should I just show up?  Phone first? I better phone so they expect me, so I can get in. “No problem, get here when you can.”

We gather around the table and I present the desserts. There are tiny cupcakes and assorted sweets. I pull them to the center of the table so everyone can reach them equally.  It’s too far to reach; the table is too large. We must pass a dish around. I want to make sure everyone gets one. People pass on the best ones, to save them for the next person. “Just take what you want,” I tell them. There’s plenty to go around.



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4 Responses to Dream Journal Update — Sweets

  1. thanks Barbara – great glimpse!

  2. Denise B says:

    Thank you, Barbara…Great reading!

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