Dream Journal Update — The Speech

August 12, 2013
The textbook explains how the Incas and other natives developed their poisonous arrows, tracing back to the first life forms creating protections from predators.  The major breakthrough was learning to attack without direct contact, by propelling poisons.  They found the poisons by accident.

I will need to remember all the details, and the names of the tribes and poisons, plus the history of window mini-blinds for my speech.  Meanwhile I make notes.  Don B. arrives with the needed props.  The mini-blind samples he brought weren’t what I expected; only wood blind samples, ones I had never seen before.  How could I possibly match the woods?  He sees my confusion and says this is what they had.  As I move the box I see the colorful sample packets are there, too.  Relief!  But how to open them to see all the colors?  Oh, the catch is on the bottom; now they swing free.  So many colors I can’t even see the distinctions between some of them, they are so subtle.

I bathe but someone is coming in.  “Customers have questions about the blinds.  How long will it take to get an order?  Is this color in stock?” I will call the blind manufacturer and let her know, and I get out of the bath.

Only thirty minutes until my talk and I am not ready. Where are my notes?  And I realize I don’t have any clean clothes to wear.  Going through my closet I come up with a light green sweater, and the green plaid skirt I wore the day before. Will anyone notice?  Does it matter?  Supervisor Karen G. confronts me and says that people complained and I shouldn’t pick on my face; I was making it inflamed.  I am embarrassed anyone noticed and commented. I tell her to tell people to tell me directly.  I am talking but she is not listening; she is overtalking, and talking about something completely different.  I become frustrated, distraught.  I tell her she is not listening, but she doesn’t hear that either.  I am so angry and humiliated that people are talking about me to her, and angry at how she treats me.

I realize I left the shower running.  I never got to take my shower, but I must get dressed.  Wish I had some jewelry, a necklace.  I look so plain.  At least the skirt has pockets to hold a tissue while I give the talk.  The bathroom has been rearranged; I’m not sure if I prefer the new location of the shower.  How did things in here get so moldy and covered with soap scum?

Since I can’t remember the details, I will have to rely on my notes while I give the speech.  Where are they?  Back in the room.  But I locked the keys in the room.  Ten minutes to the speech.  I’m rehearsing in my mind, but not sure the relationship of the natives to mini-blinds.  And all the details.  Need the notes, the textbook, or I am doomed!  My heart is racing as I go to the front desk to get a key.  They find my reservation under Charles’s name, but still won’t give me a key.  They hand me a jacket and a box and say someone phoned to say they will be waiting for me in the lounge.  Is it Fred?  Why is he shadowing me still?

The keys are in my pocket, after all.  I was just panicking.  I rush to the ferry to get to the presentation.  The stop comes quickly, but I can’t get off right away because I’ve left my fur hat and my coat behind.  The other passenger gives me my hat, but doesn’t understand the coat he is holding is mine, too.  I barely get off the ferry before it takes off again.

I realize that audience members have the same textbook I have; I need something new in the presentation.  I don’t have anything so it will be a disaster.  Unless I can entertain them with the history and nuances of mini-blinds. I think of an opening, a hook, a reference to the wood blinds in the room. But will they be interested?

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