Readers Ask About Stalker

Thank you, readers, for your questions about the story of Stalker.  Here’s a recap, along with my answers.

1. Is Stalker a true story?

As a writer, I strive to tell the emotional truth, or the truth of the soul, or the Platonian truth of the ideal. In that sense, I hope Stalker is true. But, it is not reality. Does it relay historical facts? No. Is it a memoir? No. Is it an autobiography? No. Is it an autobiographical novel?  No, but getting closer.

2. Are the incidents real ones? A writer writes what she knows, after all.

My life experience informs my imagination and my writing, there’s no getting around that. I hope that lends credibility to the story, as well. Yes, I did grow up in the Bronx. Yes, I did go to some of the schools mentioned, and knew some of the places. Yes, I live in Portland, Oregon. Yes, I am Jewish. Real-life events inspired some of the incidents of the story.

3. Are the characters real people?

Many of the characters in the story are inspired by (aspects of) people I have known, but they are not the same as those people. None of the names in the story belong to real people, alive or dead.

4. Are your parents alive? They would be hurt to read some of this.

My parents are no longer alive.

5. Did you really stay at the Greenwald Bungalow Colony as a mother’s helper?

I knew the bungalow colony. Yes, I was a mother’s helper in the Catskills.  My experiences, including those I witnessed or heard about, inform the story.

5. Was Baby a virgin in the summer of 1970?


6. Was Baby a “technical virgin” in the summer of 1970? Summer of 1969?

Stay tuned. More will be revealed. (written as of Scene 22).  Update, as of Scene 37:  I yearn to put more detail into this rough draft on my blog, but it is available to all on the Internet; I don’t want it to be “R” or “X” rated.  I will reserve the more graphic details and explicit scenes for the next version, available through print or electronic publishing.

7. Are you going to tell us what happened at the end of the summer of 1970?

Yes, stay tuned! All will be revealed!

8. Do you have a real-life Stalker? Are you in trouble? Should I worry about you?

Should you worry? Yes, you should worry. Definitely, you should worry.

Do you have a question about the story? Pose it in comments on the blog, or otherwise get in touch, and I will do my best to give you a satisfying (and true, of course) answer. Yours, B. E. Berger